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Products For Sale
I currently have a wide variety of products for sale.  I have many different pieces of jewelry and accessories as well as displays and gift items.  I also do custom orders, so if you see a design, theme, or color you like and would like it on a specific piece or your own design, let me know!

Jewelry Sets, Necklaces, and Earring Sets
I have many different backings to protect and strengthen the faux ivory pieces.  I use ebony piano keys; woods like poplar, cherry, or pine; or put them into metal frames.  If you have a preference, let me know when you place an order.  Pricing ranges from 20.00 and up on earring sets, 25.00 and up on necklaces, and 45.00 and up on jewelry sets (all depending on the size, backing and findings used). 

Bracelets, Rings, Cufflinks, and Tie Tacks

I have a selection of wood backed and metal framed bracelets.  The rings are adjustable metal frames.  All cufflinks and tie tacks are backed in ebony and the tie tacks have sterling silver backs and chains attached.  The bracelets are 25.00 - 35.00.  The rings are 25.00.  The cufflinks and tie tacks are 25.00.

Bookmarks, Thread Winders, Rulers, and Ruler Sets
I offer a variety of bookmarks and sewing accessories.  Each with a unique design perfect for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.  The bookmarks have a ribbon attached and measure 1/2" x 3 3/4" and are 20.00.  The thread winders have notches cut out and a slit for the end of the thread, measure 7/8" x 1 7/8" and are 20.00.  The rulers are double sided with an additional panel scrimshawed with a 3 1/2" ruler on the back, ,measure 1/2" x 3 3/4" and are 22.00.  The ruler sets are 35.00 and up depending on the number of winders in the set.

Lighters, Pocket Knives, Keychains, and Displays Items
Piano Part Products
I have released created a variety of wall art made from piano pieces.  These include full keys and the hammers used in the pianos as well.  Prices vary depending on the size of the panel. 

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